An Uncomedy of Errors

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

* Woke up late (nothing new)
* Eyeshadow looks rather 80s this morning. Oh well.
* Yesterdays' shoes hurt; plan to wear comfortable shoes today
* Comfortable shoes look wretched
* Consider changing clothes; opt for pointy-toed heels
* No time to make lunch
* Coffeemaker auto shut-off; last cup lukewarm
* Walking out the door. It's cloudy. Remember umbrella is in bag upstairs. Impossible to "run" upstairs in pointy-toed heels.
* Get in the car. Remember keys are on chest by the door.
* Gas gauge? Less than 1/4 tank and a drive to Atlanta this afternoon ahead.
* On Prince Ave, in the right lane behind a gigantic truck easing along at roughly 5 mph
* Switch to left lane. Two cars ahead, a left blinker winks. Traffic sails by on the right.
* Arrive at office, nearly 45 minutes late. Park badly.
* Nearly mowed down by a frat boy in a Jeep plowing down Meigs Street
* In office, decry events of the morning to coworkers
* Realize work laptop is in back seat of car
* Spitting rain; umbrella in office
* Sitting in office - frizzy-haired, cramp-toed, drinking less-than-warm coffee and thinking of bed.


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