Let There Be Light...and Make it Purdy

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My den has no overhead lighting...which I don't mind so much, as I much prefer natural light or ambient lighting.  But have you folks checked the prices on lamps lately?  They's expensive!  New lamps for the den could easily run me $100 or more. 

So I went bargain hunting...in my sister's attic.  She donated several brass lamps to my cause.  But they weren't exactly jiving with the decor in my little ranchero.  And while lamps are expensive, spraypaint is not.  I turned those brass badboys into some citrus delight in just a few hours.

A few tips:
  • Use painter's tape to cover the electrical parts
  • Paint in a well-ventilated area
  • Apply a coat of primer to cover any rust spots and give yourself a nice even coat of paint
  • Buy a plastic spray gun topper for your paint can - you'll save your index finger, keep from getting messy and be able to spray in steady strokes.
  • Put the lamp in an oversized cardboard box to catch the overspray (thanks, Dad!)

Brass monkey...a less than funky monkey.

Primed and ready for a citrus overcoat.

Freshly squeezed orange paint

Orange you just loving this?

Clap on!


Ivy said...

Where was Adventure Monkey during all of this?

Andria said...

Fabulous! (where is the yellow cinder block?) Is that textured/linen wallpaper? looking good!

ashley said...

The yellow cinder block is in my basement. Oddly, there's this one section of the wall that is painted a bright, bright neon yellow. And yes! That is linen wallpaper. Original to the house. It's soooo 60s. Loves it.

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