Big Accomplishments Today

Saturday, August 27, 2011

* Sleep
* Watched The Proposal, which furthered my love of Betty White

* Watched Easy A, which furthered my love of Emma Stone, but not like in a Jim Carrey way.

* Changed the password to my email so that my friends, family and people long unspoken to in my e-mail contact list will not receive any more offers of Cialis. Or the Beer for Breakfast diet.

* Finished a bag of Gummi Bears purloined from the Kroger $1 bin.

* Sleep.

* Got a hankering for Sunday brunch and scheduled it thusly with the lovely Nikki Smith.

* Made a list of things needed from Walmart, which made it abundantly clear that I am very nearly not going to have sufficient materials to maintain an adequate personal hygiene routine.

* Finally roused up the energy to have a personal hygiene routine.

* Returned my Redbox movies prior to 9 p.m.

* Went to Wallmart where I was remarkably self-controlled until I arrived at the $5 DVD bin which contained Elvis's Viva Las Vegas.

* Procured toilet paper, much needed since I was down to one roll.

* Stripped the sheets from my bed, which I'm sorry to say, were dirty enough to walk themselves to the laundry

* Finished the Double Stuf Oreos so I will no longer be tempted by them.

* Cut my nails, an activity so simple and mundane that I've spent all week dreaming of having five minutes to do it.

* Made a list of things to do tomorrow that will undoubtedly will not get done because, let's face it - every day can't be this productive.