Monday, May 25, 2009

Blergh (blairg or blurg) - An expression of dismay tinged with frustration or exasperation, often said with little to no emphasis because one is simply too tired to emote it. "I overslept again, am late for work and left my lunch on the counter. Blergh."

Sheesh (sheeSH) - Used to indicate a mix of mea culpa and indifference. A verbal shrug, typically in response to someone else's overreaction. i.e., "I know I ate the last cookie, but I bought the box. Sheesh."

Squee (skWEEE) - An exclamatory word for adults that encompasses Beatlemania-esque teenage screams one is too old to emit. "The new Harry Potter movie is coming out two days early. Squee!"

Yelch (yellch or yulk) - Disgust at either physical or emotional circumstances. Used to indicate a level of repulsion, a verbal shudder. "I forgot to throw away last week's Chinese takeout and it cultivated its own little mold farm. Yelch."

Yowza (YOWzuh) - A multipurpose word that can express 1) excitement regarding a felicitious windfall, i.e., "I won front row tickets to the Hall & Oates reunion tour! Yowza!" 2) self-congratulation over a job well done, i.e., "I balanced my checkbook and there is still money in the account. Yowza!" 3) a part of speech for that which renders you speechless, i.e., "It's been scientifically declared that Michael Jackson is no longer human. Yowza."


ashley said...

Just realized that I posted this a month to the day from Michael Jackson's death. Weird.

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