New Dress a Day: ProRun on a Budget

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I adore Project Runway and have been an avid fan since its debut season introduced us to the delight of Tim "Make it work" Gunn and a hit-parade of colorful characters like Jay McCarroll, Austin Scarlett, Santino Rice and, of course, Christian "Fierce" Siriano. Unfortunately for us all, Project Runway runs two seasons a year and still only comes on once a week (although they have beefed it up with a new 90-minute time slot).

To supplement your Project Runway addiction, I would recommend New Dress A Day, a blog on which the lovely and talented Marisa embarks upon a journey to make 365 garments in 365 days for $365.  That's right - one dollar, one day, one dress.  Each post features a before picture of a slightly heinous garment that's either oversized or ill-fitting or somehow rendered totally unwearable.  Then there's a brief overview of how Marisa goes about making the transition from fug to fab and voila!  The after picture featuring the day's fashion resurrection.  And many posts also include charming little vignettes and photographic evidence of where the newly tailored garment was worn.

I love this blog for its simplicity and for the way she turned getting laid off from her job into a journey to something else.  There's a certain joie de vivre in each post.  Each outfit seems to build a story of friends and family, glasses of wine, hot dogs from street vendors, travels...and just life.  As Michael Kors once said, "Lighten up - it's just fashion."  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This is amazing, and I am now also obsessed with this blog. Carry on with your awesome!

Andria said...

I cannot tell you how much time I spent scrolling back through this way cool blog. er, thanks?

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