Introducing the New Guy in My Life

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A few weeks ago, I was on a whirlwind tour of five states in five weeks.  I went from D.C. to the hills of northwest Georgia.  Then west to Texas, north to Indiana and east to North Carolina.  Along the way, I acquired a new companion.  A lone Barrel of Monkeys monkey got mixed up at a bar with a bunch of Jenga pieces.  Who could leave such a poor bereft creature behind?  Clearly, he'd broken free from the confines of his barrel, consorted with a bunch of wooden blocks of questionable stability and made his way into my life.  And so following that night at a Dallas pub (in which the rickety Jenga blocks failed me several times), Adventure Monkey joined my travels.

As noted before, I am not a particularly fine traveler.  Adventurer in heart but trapped in a definitively homebody, I don't even have my passport.  But perhaps, with the help of a swinging monkey man, I can find my way to a few more adventures in life. 
Adventure Monkey is Born

Adventure Monkey takes on the Texas State Fair
Adventure Monkey in Kokomo, Indiana, City of Firsts

Adventure Monkey explores the cornfields of the Hoosier State
Rocking goat at the Valle Crucis Fair

With a little help from Dad, Adventure Monkey takes in the Valle Crucis view

Mama Harp joins in the Adventure Monkey game.


Kim said...

Hmm, perhaps Adventure Monkey would like to take a trip to sunny Cleveland?

(Hint: no one wants to take a trip to sunny Cleveland! But still, he should consider it!)

jenn said...

Yay, Adventure Monkey! He seems like a fantastic traveling companion.

ashley said...

Perhaps, Jenn, he will be a reason to *finally* get my passport!!! :)

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