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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roughly 70 days, at least 7 different contractors and 7 degrees of sanity lost, the kitchen is finished.  I mean, the renovation process is.  Let's not get overzealous.  There's still work to be done - heck, we might all die with the sugar residing in the spare bedroom.  But at least we have a functional, fashionable kitchen to call our very own.

Let us first go back to the way we were, nearly 30 years of history housed in cabinets and countertops and really amazing retro shelf paper.

Before -note the stylish but functional formica

Here we have the always lovely "peninsula"

The always fabulous "vent hood."

Although our time machine isn't presently operational, this has just about the same effect.
Shortly after these pictures were taken, the demolition began along with a stint of microwave meals and takeout.  And along the way, there were more than a few headaches.  Like the one cabinet that had to be ordered three times.  Or the backsplash that almost never happened. Or the floor gouging incident perpetrated by the backsplash guys that nearly made my sweet, even-mannered mother lose her religion and her temper.  But in the end, it all came together.  Behold!

And the angels sang...

Islands in the stream - that is what we have

Double ovens! More room for Mama Harp delicacies

It's all shiny and new!

Please note the backsplash. There was a lot of heartache in that backsplash...


Andria said...

wow! fabulous! Looks amazing. I Love all of the choices, from the wood tone, to the pulls, to the excellent backsplash (mimicking the awesome windows, even) to an island! and double ovens. even more yumminess is in your future!

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