Happiness Times Two

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For those of you who are not on The Facebook, and therefore not privy to the onslaught of Twinapalooza pictures yesterday, here are some for your viewing pleasure.  

Sweet Ethan was having a bit of trouble breathing and was whisked off to the transitional nursery shortly after being born, so that's why most of my pictures are of Elyssa.  He moved to NICU in the night, but it looks like he's getting his strength and will be joining his sister later this afternoon.  As the bigger twin who was accused of "stealing the groceries" by one of the doctors, Ethan should be glad to know that his sister is making up for lost time by eating constantly.

Thank you to all of the many friends and family who prayed for us during this time.  We all feel so blessed to have two precious new family members.

Elyssa Anne Harp

Ethan Carter Harp

Mimi with Elyssa and Nana with Ethan

A proud mama with the two little ones she brought into the world.

Parents of two, now parents of four.

Daddy loves double trouble.

Smitten (with Elyssa)

Grandpa with Elyssa

Uncle Greg, Mimi and Pops


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