Double Trouble: An Update

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Three weeks since our peas in the pod made their appearance.  Since then, both are making early strides toward the competitive eating arena, with Elyssa at the forefront gaining a pound and a half.  Once lagging behind her brother by almost that much, she's a solid 7-pounder behind her brother's 8.  Ethan's breathing hasn't been a problem since he left the hospital - unless he's gasping in desperation to be fed.  Elyssa's eye infection cleared up, although both twins still have mysterious eye colors that could go blue like Dillon or brown like Reese or something else all together.  Both are also champions at destroying diapers, and it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow if you're emptying a trashcan that isn't piled with Pampers.  And while most of the time, you probably envision the twins looking sweet and serene cuddled together like this:
Elyssa & Ethan

The fact of the matter is that we see a lot of this:
Big yawn

And this:
Just loving having her picture made

 And in case you were wondering about Dillon and Reese...well, they're still some of the cutest bugaboos around, although perhaps Daddy would disagree at this moment here:
Wake up, Daddy!

All in all, four kids are keeping everyone...on their toes.



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