Art Appreciation

Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost two years ago, I met Art Ordoqui-Payton. The Community Programs Director for HandsOn Northeast Georgia and I met for lunch to discuss the idea I had for starting a volunteer organization for singletons. Art was more than in favor of the idea; he was enthusiastic about it. It wasn't just an affirmation - it was motivation. It was the moment that I realized I could make it happen. It was the day that SingleServe was born.

Since that day, Art has provided guidance, support, energy, passion and persistence to make SingleServe a reality. I could not - would not- have done it without him. He believed in the idea of singles gathering to make friends and make the community a better place. He believed in me. And together, our belief made it happen.

SingleServe launched in January 2009, and we have completed almost a dozen projects. Tomorrow will be our final project under Art's wing - Art Appreciation Day at the Brooklyn Cemetery. He and his family are relocating to San Antonio, TX. It's going to be bittersweet the first time SingleServe volunteers without him. But we'll carry on and continue to be the community servants that Art knew we could be.

Art, I appreciate that you believed in this cause more than I can possibly say. You will be missed.


If you want to show your appreciation for Art, write a blog post about what he's done for you or your organization and post the link on the HandsOn Northeast Georgia blog or Facebook fan page. And if you tweet, please post your link with the hashtag #ArtAppreciation.


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