Dear Tuesday:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

While I'm certainly aware of the fact that you aren't Monday, you will have to act less like a Monday in order for me to view you in a more kindly manner. I found your behavior today to be a particular affront considering that I got up early (which I never do) and made it to work early (which I never do) - such an anomaly, in fact, that it caused one coworker to suggest the apocalypse was upon us. On a day such as this, when I clearly put my best foot forward, it was quite insulting for you to stick out your proverbial leg and trip me up so royally that I spent the rest of the day on my face.

For example, it would have been more considerate to not play fruit-basket-turnover with my DNS setting early this morning necessitating an hour-long call to tech support in order to allow me to connect to the internet. And if said call had not left me a mere 12 minutes to prepare for my 10 o'clock call. Furthermore, it added insult to injury to spend the better part of my afternoon dealing with yet another technical issue on behalf of a client. A technical issue, I might add, that is so far beyond my realm of technical aptitude that all it really did was deepen my curmudgeonly demeanor and distract me from eating lunch until 2 o'clock. At that point, Tuesday, you really could've taken pity on me. But instead, you brought me an emergency ad deadline, a rewrite request and a reminder that another ad deadline looms with the ad unfinished. Oh, and as I dashed out the door for my 5 o'clock appointment, it wasn't very keen of you to send that traffic jam and push my arrival time ten minutes late.

So, Tuesday, forgive me if I'm looking at you like you peed in my Wheaties. It kind of feels that way. And since you haven't let up on this not-so-comedy of errors, I'm going to go ahead and call the rest of the day a wash. And sternly demand that you keep your confounded hands off Wednesday.



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